The Truth Behind Exercise

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I could give you the short answer but because you are here I won’t. I will waste my time by trying to fill your head with the long answer to whither or not exercise works for weight loss. For all of you out there who are multitasking. STOP . Have some some goddamn respect and make sure the only thing you are doing is reading this. When you are done reading this don’t do what so many others do. Don’t just sit there and not act on this valuable information. I want you to do something even if it is crazy. Something memorable like getting on a treadmill.

Excuses Are For The Weak

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Exercise is one of those things that everyone knows they should do but don’t. It could be for a whole host of different reasons but the most common is I don’t have the time. Every time I hear that I laugh. I laugh because I know that this retarded sap is trying to delude himself into thinking that he has done something as if writing the word exercise on his calendar meant something. Everyone has time but not everyone manages their time. This excuse shouldn’t come out of your mouth and the only people that believe it are the people that use it.

I know that there are some of you that are angry that “think” that you’re special because you’re busy. Well let me enlighten you, how you spend your time speaks volumes about what you care about. I want you to think…(YES use your head, I know it doesn’t work properly but you can at least try) about how the majority of your time is spent. Is it at work, school, home with your two “cute” *cough* kids, now I want you to explain to me how you justify spending this much time on something. Pay close attention to your justification because if you were to extrapolate from it you would find a distilled core belief.

Why Core Beliefs Matter

Core beliefs are valuable because they define how we spend our time. What we value is reflected in how we behave. Once we understand our core beliefs we can challenge them. Though it is a long process we find that at the end of the tunnel there is clarity and ultimately progress. Core beliefs dictate what we can and can’t do. For example if one of your core beliefs is that killing people is wrong then you can’t kill people. Anyone who breaks their core principles is either weak or a hypocrite. The reason I have explained core beliefs to you is because by knowing your core beliefs you have freedom. The freedom to do with your time as you wish and never be confronted by the annoying little genie telling you that you can’t do something.

The Truth Behind Exercise Examined

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Exercises helps you lose weight everyone knows that. What people don’t know is that for the majority of people who actually want to lose weight it fails utterly. Picture this you wake up in the morning you do your little shimmy to the bathroom you take a shower and forget to wash your back. You think about the treadmill down stairs and a little shiver runs down your spine. You finally get to the treadmill after eating your baked celery and mashed potatoes. You spend 30 minutes with the devil itself barely surviving. You finally get off huffing and puffing, your filthy back wet with the remains of your own vile juices. Than the next day you get on the scale to discover that even after your herculean feat you still weigh the exact same. Haha, exercise at it’s finest.

Exercise And It’s Failings

Exercise fails as a weight loss tool. Most people think that exercise will save them from a bad diet. What they don’t know is that exercise isn’t magic. I am not sorry that you fell for it. Exercise is a weigh of extending how much you can eat. That is all it is. You road your bike to work, CONGRATULATIONS you can know eat a cheeseburger. I am shocked at the number of people that think that think that walk in the park will fundamentally change their body composition. I hope that when you are done reading this you will walk around your local gym and educate your fellow gym goers maybe then they will realize how pointless what they are doing is.

Exercise has its place in health. There are over a gazillion studies showing the mind bending heart shaking effects exercise has on your health. It is so good for so many things that to list them all would take forever. Yet all this doesn’t matter because I know you don’t care about your health. You care about your car, your status, your job, your hair but when it comes to your health you don’t give a damn. You would rather take pills than be bothered to exercises. Modern healthcare now gives you that luxury and you are not ashamed to use it. For all of you who do care about your health it is because you have a health issue. Isn’t it sad that you only care about your health when it fails you. Go home and weep for your health because I know if you changed something 10 years ago you wouldn’t be having these problems. This my readers is the  truth behind exercise. Accept it or lie to yourself about it.

What You Should Do

I want to make sure that you understand that it is diet not exercise that makes you lose weight. I want to drill this into your head using the power of the English language. Diet is not about eating healthy foods. That is just another marketing trick. You could be eating the rawest fats and still lose weight if you made sure you were on a diet.

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Am I saying you shouldn’t exercise. NO.  Exercise is good and you know someone is a fool if they tell you otherwise. Yet I cannot understate that exercise fails without a good diet. What do I mean when I say good diet. I am not talking about a list of “good” foods and a list of “bad” foods and your diet is choosing a combination of the good foods. That is not a diet, that is a severely restricted buffet. When I say diet I mean you eating in a caloric deficit. If you don’t know what that means go to google I can’t be bothered to explain it to you. When you have a caloric deficit you will lose weight it is that simple.

So many people struggle to stay on diets. They fail over and over again trying to make sure that their macros are this that their calorie count is that. Why do they overcomplicate weight lose? Every single child knows that in order to lose weight you eat less. It is dead simple. Even bears know that they have to eat in the summer to get fat and than not eat in the winter to get slim. So instead of seeking more information that you can’t use why don’t you make a plan and stick to it.

Is this simple? Yes. Is this easy? No. In order to change we have to inflict a lot of pain onto ourselves. Those of us that can take that pain are not googling how to lose weight. They have already done it. The reason you are searching for insight is because you understand that what you are doing is not working and that change is need to reach your goals. You took the first step don’t forget to take the next 800.

How This Ends

You made it to the end. This means that you have an attention span that is greater than a goldfish. Good Job. In this article I explain a lot of thing. I showed you that “I am busy” is an idiot excuse. I showed you that exercises is fantastic for not losing weight. I opened your eyes and showed you the truth behind weight loss. I proved that you should do what I say. 

Is my writing for everyone. NO. I offend. I trigger. I raise blood pressure and I love doing it. If you loved this article and want more, subscribe. I upload articles whenever I feel like it and only those who are part of the inner circle get to read them early.

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