Misery Is Good

This is a different kind of article. I write this as a response to a sentiment I have observed over the years. The idea that misery is more than bad it is evil.

Pain is bad. Pain leads to people killing others. Pain leads to corruption and death. Pain leads to annomoxity and hate. Pain is the punishment of the wicked. Pain leads to misery. Misery leads to insanity.

Misery is the abyss of darkness that looms over our heads. The grim reaper that comes to those exposed to too much pain.

This sentiment has leaked over to every conceivable level of our society. From how we should deal with our feelings to how we should treat others.

Misery for our purposes is a higher form of pain. It is to pain what the sun is to fire. It a pain not afflicted to the body but caused by the mind. Misery feels you up until it spills over for humans are terrible vessels of it.

Knowing this I tell you that misery is good. In this article I will give you one reasons why misery is good. I want you to know that misery has a job. It’s function is to drive you to leading the very best life possible.

My goal in this article is to show you why misery is a brash violent and martyristic friend.

Misery Is The Best Motivator:

Nothing comes close to motivating you as much as miery. An all in consuming heart stopping rage comes close. But misery lasts much longer and is much more terrifying. Misery gives you a level of focus you never know you had.

Your priorities in life change. What other feeling can do that? When misery embraces you every weapon at your disposal is used to try to make it go away. You work from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed to try to unburned yourself. The pain doesn’t come from the aching of your soul it comes from the perpetual lack of pleasure.

Everything loses meaning. Your car smell like a beat up cow. Your food takes like mud. Water smells like bleach. Colors are ugly and for the first time you understand how good you had it and all you want is to get it back.

To get back your senses and you would do anything for that. Anything for  just the smallest respite.

If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is. Misery strips you of all distractions and gives you a road. You have two choice eternal damnation or the thankless task of walking and walking and walking.

Some break. They are the tragic souls that for one reason or another assumed that the road was endless. Misery ends when the root is cut. Something causes your misery. There’s always a cause.

For example the cause of your misery can be that you lead to the death of someone close to you. You will be miserable unless you address it. Until you process that feeling your life will be one long miserable stream of consciousness. You will think the unthinkable and do the unbelievable. Until you address the root of your problem.

We have now established that misery is a powerful motivator; why is misery good? You need motivation to get all the things you want. To be happy and fulfilled you have to move and get things done.

If you become a tree that sits and does nothing but enjoy the rays of the sun and the plentiful showers of water than you will be miserable. You will not be self sufficient. You will not be able to meet your most basic needs and this will afflict you with pain that leads you to point the finger at yourself which will lead to misery.

Than you will experience misery and you will face the choice. Walk the road or eternal damnation. Most begin the walk and this act is why misery is good.

Getting people to act is difficult. Emotions are much more effective because deep down we are emotional creatures. If you champion logic and clear thinking understand that you do so because of a feeling and if that where to leave than you would forsake logic in favor of something else.

Many people fail and then they blame misery. They accept misery and like a beaten dog they stay down. Forgetting that there is hope, forgetting that the only person who can save them is themselfs all they have to do is walk.

It is a real shame seeing something good sour before your very eyes. Watching a cold transform into a cancer that sweeps lives away. It is like watching a beautiful house being consumed by the ravages of time.

Misery forces you to look at yourself. You can’t run away from it. You can’t distract your way out of it. The road is laid bare before you and you have to make a choice. It forces you to make that choice and that choice can lead to the greatest growth you will ever experience. That is why misery is good.

Misery Is Growth:

This point is a mere continuation of the former point. In fact all my points are at their essence this point.

I truly believe that it is pain that makes us grow not pleasure. It is established at this point that negative feelings are more powerful than positive feelings when it comes to making a choice. If I want you to buy something it is much more powerful for me to threaten you with a loss rather than push you forward with a promise.

Too many times people settle for mediocrity their lives become comfy and then they forever stagnate. Only when death comes do they see clearly only then do they understand how thoroughly they have wasted their time. It is their fate for when you send misery into exile you stagnate and that is a fate far worse than he who goes mad by misery’s hand.

It is a crime for you to not become the greatest and best version of yourself. In doing so you murder yourself and to me it is unbearable seeing this senseless slaughter time and time again.

Yet growth is painful. It is unpleasant every time you choose to go into the pain and grow, you sacrifice today for tomorrow. The unavoidable question than comes.

Why Give Up Today For Tomorrow?

Tomorrow doesn’t exist. It isn’t real. It is like bitcoin. Yet by choosing to indulge today we lose a better tomorrow.

In investing their is a concept called an ROI. A return on your investment. Which means you put up a hundred dollars today and tomorrow you have two hundred and all you did was sacrifice a hundred dollars. It is the easiest hard thing to do.

To give up something not knowing if you will be around to enjoy it. When you look at growth the way it work is that the more you train the less you get. If growth was a machine the more money you get the less of a return it gave you.

Imagine you are broke. You have a single penny and you gave it to growth. It ate it and than after a day it gave you twenty dollars. Than you fed it the twenty in your excitement and than exactly at noon the next day it  throw up a hundred dollars. Than You gave it the hundred so excitedly that you stayed up all night waiting, watching the amazing machine. To your surprise the next day it throw up only two hundred dollars. Than you gave it the two hundred dollars and it throw up exactly two hundred and fifty dollars.

The point I am trying to make is that the better you become the harder it is to become even better. The difference between a doctor that has been training for fifty years and one who has been forty years is minimal. Yet the difference between a doctor that has been training for one year and eleven is monumental. Even though it is a the same ten year gap.

The gap between an untrained person and a beginner is a thousand times bigger than the difference between an advanced practitioner and a master. Fundamentally the more you invest in something the smaller the ROI becomes.

Than why do it? In today’s world man and women distinguish themselves based on skill. No one cares about second place. Everyone knows the name of the first man to walk on the moon but how many know the name of the second.

If you can go out their and master a single useful skill than I promise you will have the ability to make money. When you become the [Your Skill Set] guy than people will come to you and that in of itself is a form of power.

As you know when demand goes up and supply stays the same price goes up. Basic economics really. It is astonishing how the greatest truths are the simplest.

What Is My Point?

Reading this article you felt something? I want you to go below and release that bottle emotion. Tell me how your feel so I can help you feel worse.

This article is my defence of the mother of pain. Pain will make you uncomfortable. Misery will make you grow. Misery will lead you to leading the life that you want. Misery is good.

I know that their are those that hate pain. That is wrong. How can you hate something that does so much good? Do you hate a fire? It has burned down so many homes, destroyed so many lives and spread more chaos than any dictator ever will. Yet we look at fire with kind soft eyes. We treat it like a dear friend and leave good man behind.

Misery will forever be alone. It will be hated. Despised and forever rejected but unlike you and me misery will not change. It doesn’t care; it was their when mankind was born and will be there when mankind dies.

Misery isn’t a person so don’t treat it like one.

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