How To Stop Being Lazy And Study

Bravo. You are now in my little corner of the web. My special little cave in which I answer questions with enough gusto to breath life into the dead.

You came here get the answer to one question. How do you stop being lazy and study? I will give you an a system as an answer. This system is called the tree method. In it I show you with vivid clarity exactly how to go from the braindead dud that you are to an einsteinian freak. If you listen up and actually follow the system you will get results.

Are your ears open? Are you ready to be schooled? If the answer is no to the second question that is ok. You will be schooled regardless.

Is This You?

Are you lazy? I want you to look yourself in the eye and ask yourself. When your two brain cells finally fire make sure you have proof.

If you answered yes I want you to remember a time in which you were lazy. If you answered no then why are you here?

Now that we have established that you are lazy let’s be clear on what this means. I don’t mean the traditional definition of laziness. That definition makes it seem that you have a motivation problem.

If only it was that simple.

I know you tried the basic approach. You scheduled a block of time to study. It could be one hour maybe two. When you sat down to actually begin studying you realized that you didn’t want to be their.

Your mind began to fidget. It jumped from the book in your hand to a much more enjoyable fantasy. You tried to grasp control to tame the wild fickle thing only to discover that your hands where wet noodles.

What was suppose to be a simple study session became a grueling fist fight that left you drained and tired. The worst part being that you got no reward for all that fighting. All that struggle and nothing to show for it.

Some of you are brave and go down this path again and again. Some of you shatter and hang your heads in defeat. Either way you failed and are looking for a solution. A magical elixir that will cure your problem.

Look no farther for a cure has been created. All you need to do is drink it.

The Three Principles:

Principle Number One: Long Term > Short Term

Make no mistake this is a long term solution. If you have an exam in a week or need to desperately learn how to speed eat so you can save a buck during dinner. Than this article will NOT help you.

The tree method is all about building up momentum and progressively improving bit by bit until we reach a point in which we are happy with our progress. In the beginning I assume that you are a braindead fish and I then progressively build you up until you are a great white shark.

Long Term Vs Short Term Explained

When you go long term you sacrifice speed for achievability. Instead of working yourself to the bone you work 9-5.

For example if you want to lose 10 lbs. You can switch to eating two meals a day and wait it out. Or you can jump on the treadmill, hire a personal trainer, count every calorie and hopefully lose the weight fast.

That is the difference.

Focusing on the long term means that you are commiting to slow gradual change rather than complete rework of the current system. You are working within the system instead of creating a new one.


You are not someone who can make sudden drastic changes. I know this because you have tried that and failed. You have been burned by being focused on the short term. Think back to all the times you have tried to push yourself to the limit trying to create a study habit only to fall off later. Maybe you get in the first three sessions than miss the next ten.

You aren’t willing to start small because you can’t afford to start small. It could be a time restraint or a massive ego.

The reason I choose to focus on the long term is because it is straight up easier. It is easier to do, stick with and most of all achieve. Once you start actually getting results you will be even more determined to wait it out.

This will lead you to the outcome you want. The ability to study for as long as you like.

Consistency > Intensity:


When I say you are intense I mean that you have the ability to focus on a single task for multiple hours maybe even days. To hammer away at a task until it is done. If someone is intense for the purpose of this article I assume they aren’t consistent. If they are, great than this article doesn’t apply to them.


We all know what this means. This means showing up and getting the work done. Wither you like it or not. For the purpose of this article I assume that you aren’t intense if you are consistent.

Why I assume you are one and not the other?

If you are lazy than that means that you have a limited pool of energy. You aren’t either of these things and you don’t have any of the foundation habits needed to be either of these things. If you try to be intense you will not be consistent because of dread and burnout. If you are consistent you will not be intense because of fatigue.

You Do More When You Are Consistent

Their is a classic story that is as old as the toilet paper used to wrap the pharaohs. That describes a race between two animals. The turtle and the hare. This story describes perfectly how consistency beats intensity.

The turtle won because unlike the hare he marched on slow but steady until he finally overtook the hare and won.

A person who is intense doesn’t work smart. They show up and every single session is an isolated event. Their rarely is an overarching plan guiding their action. There’s just usually just a desire to get something specific done.

They can’t afford to plan because they depend more on inspiration than work ethic. When they start up a task that task consumes them and than the passage of time because an afterthought. People plan as a response to not using their time effectively. You don’t plan just to plan.

When you do something you don’t like as an intense person you breakdown. This happens because the underlying feeling pushing you is put out. Planning forces you to do things like this and that is why you don’t plan.

For a consistent person you plan from the very beginning. You have to make each session count because you are not commiting that push time to it. If you don’t plan than you will not move forward.

The end result of this planning plus consistent action is results. The thing that matters the most; the only thing that matters.

At the end of the day which would you rather have 3 small things done or one big thing done.

The Plan:

This is the part that you came for. This is the section in which I explain to you exactly how to go from lazy bum who can’t study to the know it all who always studies.

For this to work you have to track everything. From how consistent you are to how much you get done. The reason I want you to jornal this is becuase that way you relize just how effective you are become and you can catagolge your growth.

The Formula

It is retaradly simple. I want you to schedule 3 study sessions that are 5 mins long. Their should be a minimum of thirty minutes in between sessions. After a week add 5 mins to each session. If you fail to hit 14 sessions in a week. Cut back the sessions by five minutes.  

I want you to schedule three study sessions every single day. These sessions will be the base in which the tree system will be based on. During each session you will have an objective to complete that you already planned out.

This objective will be part of your three step plan. Goal > Mega-Objective > Objective. The objective is one subtask that is part of Mega-Objective.

Imagine I want to learn how to type.

The first step would be to learn how to place my fingers. Than how to type each category of words. Than how to type with speed. Each of these mega objectives would be broken down to smaller objectives and that is what I would aim for in each session.

Remember you are a braindead fish so we will start you off with five minutes. You heard me, five minutes. In those five minutes I want you to focus intensely and make sure you try to hit the objective. If your mind wonders that is fine and perfectly acceptable. I don’t want you to try to make it go away. I want you to focus on working inspite of it.

After about a week you will increase the time of each session by five. That means adding a total of fifteen minutes to your total. You will do this week after week until you hit a plateu. When this happens you will take a step back and subtract ten minutes.

Only do this after missing more than twelve sessions in a week.

Be patient the results will speak for themselves.

How To Use For Studying:

You came here because you want to learn how to study. Not much changes when it comes to the application. The only thing you need to do is break down what you are studying into objectives and than hit those objectives in your study sessions.

If I was going to study a algebra textbook I would use the chapters as mega objectives and the sections as objectives. As the time increased and the length of my sessions increased I would than increase the number of objectives.

My Promise

If you use the tree method and are consistent I promise that you will be able to study for long periods of time. You will no longer see yourself as lazy because you wouldn’t be lazy. You will become the good hardworking joe that you know yourself to be.

Use It:

If you don’t use this system you are lazy laughable loathsome creature. If you do use this you are a pleasant pretty and pretentious person. So use it.

If there’s one thing I stand for above all. One thing I can give you that represents the culmination of my work it is to take action. If you sit down on your wooden chair and my words don’t move you. Your heart doesn’t stir and your hands don’t move than I have failed.

Use the tree system because you will be better off for having done so.

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