How To Make Your Day Productive

Well here we are again. I have something special for you, the topic of productivity. In this article I show you the absolute essential things that you need to be doing to be productive.

Productivity has been done to death. There are a zillion articles giving you tips and tricks on how to optimize your day. That isn’t what this article is. This article is the punch to the face that gives you the best blackeye you have ever had.

If you do the three things listed below you will be productive. If productivity could be measured on a scale from one to ten than you would be a seven after implementing the things that are in this article.

I want you to skim the article and look at the headlines. Have you seen these topics covered somewhere else? If not read on soldier it just gets better from here.

Have Daily Goals

This is the first real step you can take. Having daily goals is to productivity what breathing is to life. Daily goals give your day a direction and will steer you towards your goal. Accomplishing one of these goals is a step forward.

Without a goal you can’t be productive.

There are always things to do. Your todo list is long and you could view each of those items as a a daily goal but if you did you would be wrong. You would make a mistake that killed your productivity.

Anyone who wants to be more productive realizes that they aren’t productive enough. That means pain. That means you have for one reason or another been stuck. You have looked backed and seen with lucid clarity the foolish way in which you squandered your time.

You have a big meaty goal. Some would call it a vision others call it a dream. To accomplish that vision you have many objectives. Right now today you are focused on one objective. You have bitten off a piece and that is your daily goal.

Your daily goal should be three big hard things that you have to do to meet that objective. If it is more than three than you the excess you do tomorrow. You don’t want to take on so much that you drown in failure.

I chose the number three for the person who has a full day. If you don’t than I want you to do one thing. Just one thing. If you are juggling school or work and you have a couple of hours after to take steps forward than I want you to start with one thing.

Same rules apply this one thing should be a piece of the bigger objective and as you finish it you move on to the next thing.

I play a game called Dota II. It is a five on five competitive team based sport. You do the same thing over and over and over again. Each and every game is almost identical all that changes is the other players choices.

I dedicate an hour or two everyday to improving. My goal is to ultimately join the leaderboards and compete at the highest level(vision). That means improving my farming(mega-objective), Map Awareness(mega-objective), Fighting(mega-objective) and laning(mega-objective).

I fist download a replay and see exactly which one of these mega objectives I am lacking the most. For me it is farming.Than I hop over to youtube and watch a pro player farm perfectly. I take note on exactly what he is doing. How much gold he is earning every minute. What camps he is going to? If he is staying in the lane or leaving? Is he taking any fights?

Than in my games I focus on farming and try my the end of the game I see how many gpm(A ingame metric that measure farming). I was at around 300. Than I made it my daily goal to hit 350. For the rest of that month I slowly increased my daily goal and watched in awe as I doubled my gmp.

I went from a garbage gmp of about 300 to frequently hitting 500-600 gpm. I did that in about a month.

I want you to apply this concept to your life. It could be something mudade as a video game or something that is incredibly important to you. Choose any aspect of your life that you want to improve and apply the concept of a daily goal.

Session Instead Of One Go

Doing things in one go is usually a mistake. I say this to you because you are reading this article. You want to be more productive which tells me that you aren’t able to go 16 hours straight. If you were and still wondering why you aren’t productive there is a serious problem.

This article is about the foundation of productivity not on the optimization. I want you to get the one or two points that will have unbelievable impacts on your productivity.

If you try to get all the work done in one session you will fail. When you fail over and over you become disheartened and than you forsake your goal and slaughter your ambition. Using multiple sessions sav8es you from that. It stops that problem from propping up

It is not a difficult concept to implement. All you have to do is make sure that you break up your work day into sessions that go only as long as you have energy. When you hit your cap you will feel fatigued and your mind will constantly create distractions. That is when you take a break. Make sure to set your ideal times  to about 10 to 30 mins over your cap. This way you stretch your mind and your mind grows stronger with each session.

Hold Yourself Responsible By Keeping A Journal

This point is absolutely monumental. It is the beating heart of this article and if their is one thing I wish for you to do it is this. If your eyes glazed over every other section and your mind used these words than you have profited.

Responsibility will push you to improve. It will sharpen your focus and guide you down the path you need to walk. It is a critical part of  improvement that is neglected. When I google productivity I see a wealth of tips and tricks on how to squeeze my mind like a orange. How to get every last drop of juice.

It is difficult trying to find the good stuff. The diamond in the rough that describes in crisp detail the way to build up your fondation. What is that twenty percent of things I can do that will give me eighty percent of the results.

I am telling you not with my lying mind but my truthfully heart that a journal is the greatest thing you can do for your productivity.

We as humans have bad memories. We don’t remember like computers. We don’t store information into neat little categories so that we can recall it later. Our memory fails us as often as it helps us.

That is why we need a jornal. It is our memory placeholder. With it we can track how we are progressing and if we are progressing. It also lets us record our personal mistakes so we know what to look for when we look back at our day. Instead of making the same mistakes we make different ones.


This one is obvious yet critical to your productivity. You need to focus on improving if you don’t than what is going to happen is stagnation. You wouldn’t climb higher because you haven’t reached higher.

This point ties in with your jornal. When you log where you are at you are able to project growth. There are two main ways to grow. You can do more with your limited time or you can use more of your free time.

When you are getting started you will want to be using more of your free time. When you get started on your productivity journey you will not be able to spend 16+ hours getting things done. You will struggle to spend four to five hours on the things you need to be doing.

I want you to know that you are a lazy sack of no good pudding and that I expected this from you. You should start off actually figuring out how much time you can spend. If you are anything like me you will discover that at the start you hit your energy cap at around three to four hours.

For some of you that is a lot for others that is nothing. Regardless you need to figure out what your cap is. How much time can you spend productively before your head starts dropping. From their you use your daily goals and your jornal to slowly but surely bring that up.

Over the course of a year or two you should pretty much be productive for more than eight hours. By productive I mean getting things done one after another. When you reach this point you will want to focus on getting more out of your day.

Squeezing as much performance as you possible can from your day. At this point the best thing you can do is careful strategic planning.

Bringing It Together

Are you doing this things? Do you have daily goals? Do you keep a journal? Do you use sessions? Are you constantly improving yourself?

If not then pick one. The most important is Daily Goal the least important is the concept of sessions. I want you to choose one thing and apply it in your life for a week. Use it. One mistake you can make is trying to implement all of them when you aren’t ready.

That is a sure fire way to failure. You don’t want to fail so ask yourself which one you think you should implement than implement it.

Writing these articles is a refreshing way to start the day. You don’t understand how amazing it is to have someone to yell at when my dreams don’t go according to plan. Thanks for being the pillow in which I beat my fists.

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