Why Self Esteem Is Important To Success

Self Esteem and Success. That is what we will be spending our time talking about today. There aren’t many topics that get as much attention as self esteem. In every parenting book, every teaching book and every leading book ever we have this topic of self esteem.

The one perspective in which we have to baby people to make sure that they don’t fall into low self esteem. We treat low self esteem like the plague and our remedies are just as bad as the long dead doctors that killed their patients.

Today we will put the focus not on self esteem but on how self esteem mashes with success I break down the traits associated with both and show you how they either hold you back from success or lead to it.

There are two types of self esteem we will cover high and low. We both know what low self esteem is and that is why I will focus on high as well so that you have a holistic view of self esteem.

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