How To Stop Being Lazy And Study

Bravo. You are now in my little corner of the web. My special little cave in which I answer questions with enough gusto to breath life into the dead.

You came here get the answer to one question. How do you stop being lazy and study? I will give you an a system as an answer. This system is called the tree method. In it I show you with vivid clarity exactly how to go from the braindead dud that you are to an einsteinian freak. If you listen up and actually follow the system you will get results.

Are your ears open? Are you ready to be schooled? If the answer is no to the second question that is ok. You will be schooled regardless.

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How To Make Your Day Productive

The TIme

Well here we are again. I have something special for you, the topic of productivity. In this article I show you the absolute essential things that you need to be doing to be productive.

Productivity has been done to death. There are a zillion articles giving you tips and tricks on how to optimize your day. That isn’t what this article is. This article is the punch to the face that gives you the best blackeye you have ever had.

If you do the three things listed below you will be productive. If productivity could be measured on a scale from one to ten than you would be a seven after implementing the things that are in this article.

I want you to skim the article and look at the headlines. Have you seen these topics covered somewhere else? If not read on soldier it just gets better from here.

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