Misery Is Good

This is a different kind of article. I write this as a response to a sentiment I have observed over the years. The idea that misery is more than bad it is evil.

Pain is bad. Pain leads to people killing others. Pain leads to corruption and death. Pain leads to annomoxity and hate. Pain is the punishment of the wicked. Pain leads to misery. Misery leads to insanity.

Misery is the abyss of darkness that looms over our heads. The grim reaper that comes to those exposed to too much pain.

This sentiment has leaked over to every conceivable level of our society. From how we should deal with our feelings to how we should treat others.

Misery for our purposes is a higher form of pain. It is to pain what the sun is to fire. It a pain not afflicted to the body but caused by the mind. Misery feels you up until it spills over for humans are terrible vessels of it.

Knowing this I tell you that misery is good. In this article I will give you one reasons why misery is good. I want you to know that misery has a job. It’s function is to drive you to leading the very best life possible.

My goal in this article is to show you why misery is a brash violent and martyristic friend.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Reading

Reading is good and bad. Reading is a car. A vehicle we use to navigate life. The speed in which we read dictates how fast we can drive. The speed in which we can understand dictates how accurate the steering is. The place we are going is dictated by the book we choose to read.

Are cars bad? They are unsafe because they can lead to accidents which lead to deaths and injuries. Books can instill dangerous ideas which leads to accidents which leads to death and injury.

Why Reading Is Good

We all know reading is good. Your teachers made it a point to drill that into your head. Some of you have been reading all your lives. From the tender age of two when you learned your abcs to now.  

Others have discarded books seeing it as an ancient outdated medium. They are much more content consuming content from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

They understand that information is plentiful and see the steep investment that a book is. They realize that reading isn’t nessacary and that think their lives are better off without it.

You are wise. You see the benefit of reading, you see the barrier of entry and kneel before it. You thank the heavens that your habit isn’t inherited by the meek and lazy yet yearn for the day that all open their arms and embrace it. You know your road is right and can’t wait for me to affirme it.

You are stroking your nonexistent beard with trembling hands letting a drop of coffee sear onto your dark denim jeans. I will give you what you want. I will tell you you are right.

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Body Language Exercises

Do you want superhuman like powers of observation? I know you do. This article will not help you get that. I give you body language exercises so that you can become more skilled in using your body to please yourself.

This article will not teach you the secret to inhuman success and mind boggling wealth. It will give you the tools you need to get started with using body language. This is step by step and I go out of my way to spoon feed you this goodness and have left very little to your small imagination.


If you are here than I am going to make some assumptions if these assumptions are wrong than this article is not for you.

  • You are studying body language as a tool for success
  • You are willing to make a year long commitment
  • You can be patient
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How To Stop Being Lazy And Study

Bravo. You are now in my little corner of the web. My special little cave in which I answer questions with enough gusto to breath life into the dead.

You came here get the answer to one question. How do you stop being lazy and study? I will give you an a system as an answer. This system is called the tree method. In it I show you with vivid clarity exactly how to go from the braindead dud that you are to an einsteinian freak. If you listen up and actually follow the system you will get results.

Are your ears open? Are you ready to be schooled? If the answer is no to the second question that is ok. You will be schooled regardless.

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How To Make Your Day Productive

The TIme

Well here we are again. I have something special for you, the topic of productivity. In this article I show you the absolute essential things that you need to be doing to be productive.

Productivity has been done to death. There are a zillion articles giving you tips and tricks on how to optimize your day. That isn’t what this article is. This article is the punch to the face that gives you the best blackeye you have ever had.

If you do the three things listed below you will be productive. If productivity could be measured on a scale from one to ten than you would be a seven after implementing the things that are in this article.

I want you to skim the article and look at the headlines. Have you seen these topics covered somewhere else? If not read on soldier it just gets better from here.

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How To Achieve A Goal Successfully

You want to learn how to set a goal and then achieve it. In this post I go over three things you should keep in mind when setting a goal and the three levels that goals have and how to achieve them.

This article is a prescription for your life. A medication that I have concocted to help make you feel better. It is one hundred percent free and all I ask is for you to use it.

The ingredients are simple and powerful. In fact there are only two ingredients. The first is self knowledge(Know Yourself), this is important because it gives you perspective and will help you set goals aligned with your strengths and weakness. The second is vision(Setting Good Goals), and that will give you an overview of the three levels of goals to set wonderful goals.

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Why Self Esteem Is Important To Success

Self Esteem and Success. That is what we will be spending our time talking about today. There aren’t many topics that get as much attention as self esteem. In every parenting book, every teaching book and every leading book ever we have this topic of self esteem.

The one perspective in which we have to baby people to make sure that they don’t fall into low self esteem. We treat low self esteem like the plague and our remedies are just as bad as the long dead doctors that killed their patients.

Today we will put the focus not on self esteem but on how self esteem mashes with success I break down the traits associated with both and show you how they either hold you back from success or lead to it.

There are two types of self esteem we will cover high and low. We both know what low self esteem is and that is why I will focus on high as well so that you have a holistic view of self esteem.

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Disadvantages Of Positive Thinking

Does positive thinking have any disadvantages? Tell me, what are they? Do you know them? I do and that is why I wrote them down. I am going to give you three disadvantages of positive thinking. Hopefully by the end of it you will remember to use them when someone says stay positive.

I try to see the bad in things. I try to be the voice of the devil and I believe that tearing things down is the best way to see somethings value. I will guide you down a road that will show you that positive thinking isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It has a dark underbelly that we will explore.

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The Truth Behind Exercise

the truth behiend exercise image 1

I could give you the short answer but because you are here I won’t. I will waste my time by trying to fill your head with the long answer to whither or not exercise works for weight loss. For all of you out there who are multitasking. STOP . Have some some goddamn respect and make sure the only thing you are doing is reading this. When you are done reading this don’t do what so many others do. Don’t just sit there and not act on this valuable information. I want you to do something even if it is crazy. Something memorable like getting on a treadmill.

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